Maternity Home Program

Gabriel Network’s Maternity Homes offer rent-free community housing for pregnant women in need of a safe, stable place to live. Mothers staying in our maternity homes are welcomed into a supportive community where they are loved and their babies are cherished. Our staff is committed to creating a harmonious community where mothers can come together as they learn to navigate motherhood, embrace programming opportunities offered in the homes, and work toward greater self-sufficiency for their families.

Maternity Housing Resources and Programming

When a pregnant woman is invited to stay in one of our Maternity Homes, she is encouraged to participate in the programming offered through the home. These opportunities include group devotional time, individual life coaching, and classes offered either by Gabriel Network staff or trusted partners. Classes may include how to take care of a young child, basic finances, and conflict and stress management. As the mother plans for her family’s future, Gabriel Network staff provides support in her housing search and assistance with setting up social services. She will also participate in choosing and reinforcing the shared culture and commitments of the home. Mothers in our homes collaborate with one another and staff to decide on home rules, expectations, and commitments. Building the culture of the home helps our moms to experience how to build a healthy home life for themselves and their child when they move out on their own.

How does the Application Process Work?

If a woman is interested in applying for a Gabriel Network Maternity Home, she can call 800-ANGEL-OK to find out the eligibility requirements and dates of the next application window. The application window is a time when mothers interested in joining one of our homes may apply to do so.

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