Get involved

Are you ready to help impact the lives of women in our community for good?

Do you have a heart for serving women struggling to find support for their unplanned pregnancies?

Do you want to see mothers and babies thrive?

Then volunteering with the Gabriel Network just might be for you!

We have three primary ways people can be involved in what we do. As you read through each one, please let us know which one captures your interests and lines up with your abilities. To begin the application process, fill out our Volunteer Interest form today!

Angel Friend Teams

Our church volunteer teams, or Angel Friend teams, are at the heart of our ministry and allow to serve women all throughout the Maryland and DC area. These teams are ready and willing to help women in unexpected and crisis pregnancies with the material, emotional, and spiritual challenges they’re facing. Volunteers on these church-based teams are motivated by their love for Christ and ready to demonstrate that love to women in their area who are in need.

Our Angel Friend teams are at the core of our ministry because of the tangible acts of service they’re able to provide. If you’d like to join or start a team, please fill out our Volunteer Interest form and we’ll be in touch!

Angel Friend Resources

This behind-the-scenes volunteer position offers support to our Angel Friend teams by providing resources they need to serve women facing unplanned pregnancies. It allows them to offer material and other resources to meet needs of women in crisis, considering what to do with their pregnancies.

For more information, fill out the Volunteer Interest form and we’ll be in touch!

Development Volunteers

This unique volunteer role helps meet the needs of the faithful supporters of The Gabriel Network. You’ll work closely with our donors, getting to know them and understanding their needs as they give generously to our work of supporting women in crisis pregnancies. This volunteer position serves in our office. Please fill out the Volunteer Interest form today!

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