Women facing unplanned, crisis pregnancies often lack the support they need to make a life-affirming decision. They feel ill-equipped and often make a fear-based decision to end their pregnancies hoping it makes the pain and stress go away. It’s crucial we reach them in those first overwhelming moments to offer hope and a light.

Towards that end, we’ve set up a helpline that women can call at any time to talk with someone about their pregnancy and learn more about their options.

A listening ear

On the call, a woman can talk to someone who will listen to her fears and worries regarding the pregnancy. Often just being able to talk and express all the thoughts racing through her mind can help reassure her that she has options and help.

Many women choose abortion because they lack support, or people in their lives are pressuring them to abort. Knowing that even one person will be there for them is huge, but to learn that a team of people can help is really empowering! We’re able to let her know about the amazing support system we offer and let her know she’ll be connected to resources and cared for if she chooses life.

Resources she needs

Our helpline connects women to the resources they need to feel empowered to choose life, whether that’s getting connected to an Angel Friend team or having a place to live in our Maternity Home. Our goal is to help women know that choosing life for their baby doesn’t mean the end of theirs, just a different path than what they were expecting to take.

Our helpline helps women every day make life-affirming decisions for themselves and their baby.

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