Positions Available

If you want to join a workplace culture that is driven by mission, embracing women and children in Christ’s love, and empowering Churches to serve their communities, Gabriel Network may be the place for you. Please call 800-264-3565 ex.301 or email office@gabrielnetwork.org to learn more about working with the Gabriel Network. You can see our current open positions below:

Home Director Sub

We are looking for an exceptional individual to fill this role of providing temporary coverage for our three maternity homes when the Home Directors need to be away for an extended period of time. Learn more and apply online here.

Volunteer Receptionist

The person to fill the role of volunteer receptionist will be warm and welcoming and love talking on the phone! This role involves taking phone calls and welcoming clients and donors who come through our doors.

We need someone able to work four hours per day, Monday through Friday.

No prior experience is necessary, but a friendly, organized, helpful demeanor is a must. Spanish speaking is a wonderful plus for this position.

Please email Tiffany Farley at office@gabrielnetwork.org or call 1-800-264-3565 to schedule an interview.

Bowie Maternity Home Full-Time Resident Assistant

The full-time Resident Assistant is responsible for overnight duties in the home, five nights per week. This position requires living in the home and includes enforcing curfew and general house rules. The Resident Assistant has an important role in encouraging a positive, nurturing, and welcoming home culture at our maternity home.

Please send a cover letter and resume to Tiffany Farley at office@gabrielnetwork.org to apply and schedule an interview.

General Interest

We always want to know if joyful, talented, committed people are interested in joining our team. If that’s you, please send your resume and a cover letter describing your areas of interest to Tiffany Farley at office@gabrielnetwork.org. We would love to hear your ideas!

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