Sparling Scholarship

Thanks to the generosity of Deacon Donald and Mrs. Sparling, Gabriel Network is pleased to offer the Lorraine Sparling Memorial Scholarship. This Scholarship provides educational and professional development assistance to current Gabriel Network clients.  

What is the Sparling Scholarship?

The scholarship provides funds of up to $2,000 per year to women who wish to continue their education. This includes pursuing higher education or other vocational training. For women who want to study at a university or work towards furthering their careers, the Sparling Scholarship is meant to make that more accessible.

How Can the Sparling Scholarship Help?

We understand that raising a child can make these women think they need to put their lives on hold. We want to challenge that and do what we can to ensure that they can continue pursuing their goals and feel empowered to choose life.

Wanting to focus on schooling or their career is a common reason a woman might choose an abortion. Through our program, we hope to show her that she does not need to choose between the two. These opportunities also can help her to improve her situation and create long-term and lasting change for both her and the child.

How do Women Apply?

Applications are always welcome. Each application is reviewed by our scholarship committee on a rolling basis as they are received. A decision on each application will be made within 4-6 weeks. This scholarship is open to all women who are active participants in the Gabriel Network.   

For more information, please download the application. Completed applications should be sent to

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